Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ode to the dictionary

It's time once again for the poetry party at Abbey of the Arts. This contribution might need a bit of translation which can be found at Tess' place. Alas, my own words alluded me and so I chose to have a little fun with Tess' writer's block.

remord materialized.
i had turned a deaf ear to the psithurism of the beautiful golden day.
nevertheless , while walking through the park, apricity stirred my dour mood--
especially when i realized the dog had mistaken me for a fire hydrant and
blessedly i had remained unbepissed.
what a joy to have the words to express my extreme profundity!!!


Tess said...

I LOVE it, so very clever.

lucy said...

tess--thank YOU for being my muse :-)

Abbey of the Arts said...

Yes, extremely clever, and I love the way one poet inspired another here, true creative community! :-)