Monday, March 22, 2010

hours of the day

For more description of these hours of the day, visit dawn, day, dusk & dark.



How lovely these pieces all look together. Though made on separate days they are cohesive in their juxtaposition - powerfully representing their titles:)


lucy said...

thanks, SS. your "review" of these pieces together means a lot to me. it was such an intuitive process, and when i began to glue them into my visual journal, i realized there was a pattern and cohesiveness. this led me to want to put them together in this format rather than having to turn page after page. they were created out of a single "breath pattern"which makes me wonder what would transpire if i did it again :-) this stuff just continues to amaze and confound me!!! xoxoxo

Maureen said...

The collages together as they are here would make a wonderful postcard.

You asked about using my poem "Grief". If you like to publish a couple of lines and then link back to my site for the full poem, that would be fine. Thank you for asking.

Okie said...

Cool collage. These work great together and make a great piece. I loved clicking through to get the great description along with each individual element as well.