Wednesday, April 9, 2008

another shade of blue

if I were to pick a color today to inhale beauty and exhale gratitude, it would be the color blue. blue sky. blue sea. all surrounding me. gratitude for heaven and earth. sun and sea. family and friends. Lord, I am ever grateful for this blessed life.

is it of my own making? or is it orchestrated outside of me? the universe in charge? I think. I ponder. it is up to me to decide what I bring to it. joy and gratitude are well-received. I could complain. be angry and resentful. “blue”, if you will, but these are not choices I want to bring to the world.

inhale beauty. exhale gratitude.

reflection from banderas bay 3.31.08



What a beautiful phrase - inhale beauty, exhale gratitude!


The Dream said...

Blue ... my favorite color.

Karen said...

Wow. I think of blue as a state of sadness, but this sings happiness to me.

Powerful entry.