Saturday, May 31, 2008

cafe writing--men and women

Sunrise Sister reminded me of the wonderful exercises over at Cafe Writing. I opted to take challenge #6 which asks us to take seven timed minutes and write on the topic of men and women.
Simple, right? Well, here's what popped onto my page in this fun little exercise. Enjoy!

men and women. mirror images, are they not?
he says yes and she says no.
one says stop while the other says go.
what to do you say you say.
I feel like a doctor seuss book come out to play.

he is big and she is small.
one is fat and the other one tall.
they fight. they argue.
they love after all.
can’t live with and can’t live without.
completing the puzzle with partner and spouse.

independent they are and dependent too.
what is the balance? what is true?
they wrestle and cuddle and try to break apart.
their ego gets in the way and covers the heart.
stay. go. love. hate..
what can they do with all that’s on their plate?
work. kids. art and fun.
sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s dumb.

what what you say? where can we go?
life is short with so many choices.
hear me she says I have big voices.
they stop they go. they come in and out.
he walks away and she starts to pout.
they tickle. they poke. they make passionate love.
is marriage for real or is it all a joke?
no no you say it isn’t right.
love is forever not just a day or a night.

men and women. mirror images, no?
one says stop and the other says go.
writing. plotting. dreaming too.
when will seven minutes be up?
it’s a little like marriage and the bottomless cup.
come on let’s go. it’s time to play.
one on the seesaw, the other at bay.
the seesaw won’t go with one at the bottom.
two must be there or all is forgotten.
witnesses to life.
husband and wife.
men and women.
can’t live with ‘em can/t live without them.
writing away…

collage by lucy 2.08


Tess said...

What a great result! And I love the collage, especially the hat - so you.




Sue said...

Wow! That is so much to come out of 7 minutes!! Cool :)

That collage is great. So bursting with energy.

lucy said...

thanks, was really fun taking a topic and time limit to see what pops out. maybe i'll try it with some other things. who knows?