Friday, May 9, 2008

six word memoir

tagged by sunrise sister to play the six word memoir game, here is mine today:

reaching, stretching, growing ---more than not...

...tomorrow could be something entirely different, because i am...

reaching, stretching, growing

if you would like to play "officially", the rules are below. otherwise, please just leave your own little memoir in my comment box. please please please. ☺

1. Create a six word memoir
2. Post it on your site
3. Link it back to the tagger's site
4. Tag 5 other bloggers



Oooohhh, good job Lucy!!! Six more -

"The memoir is apt - spot on!"

That's a giggle, using the "spot on" - seems to be the rage phrase of the moment:)


Endlessly restless said...

I'm playing - see my memoir for tday over at my place!

Tess said...

Sometimes too tired to be witty.


Going over to to ER's site for a look and Tess your words are so apt. We are drawn to our blogger friends' sites with anticipation and hope, knowing that some days our words are just not going to make a "billboard" or bumper sticker....but that one of us will throw out the lifesaver we can hang on to for the day.

Lucy Creates - thanks again for playing and for always giving me a site to find visual inspiration:)


His Girl Friday said...

hmmm, will give it a thought! :)

lucy said...

SS--thanks "apt" seems to be a good word today along with "spot on"...i'm sure it will hit a billboard before long :-)

thanks for playing, ER.

Tess--you are witty without even trying :-)

HGF--look forward to hearing your thought :-)