Wednesday, June 18, 2008

beauty distorted

abbey of the arts had a fabulous post today called "radical hospitality." i found it to be quite thought provoking and inspirational. pop on over and take a read.

ugliness knocks at my inner door
“go away” I say. “leave me alone.
I left you far behind long ago.”
but no. he is persistent.
he bangs & clangs the knocker.
“I am here and here I will stay
until you look me in the eye.”
I cover my own eyes as if I have
just stepped out of the darkness
into a blaring headlight.
it hurts and I shrink back for
I do not want to look ugliness in the eye.

he has followed me too long and
too far until I find myself
hiding from his face of derision
“time to work with me” he says
“it is time and you have run too long.”
ugliness is his name and I must
invite him in.
I cry. I weep. I moan.
it hurts too much to look in that mirror.
face twisted. beauty distorted.

ah, is that who ugliness is?
beauty distorted
gifts turned on their side
passion crying to be met
holding. weeping.
I fear it and so I close the door
and make myself alone.
I twist beauty into a mangled mess
and then I spit it out.

ugliness has come knocking at my door
“let me in” he says. “look at me. I am yours.”
he holds the mirror to my face
and shows me what I long for
aching to release hurt and loneliness.
oh Lord will I never come out of this
painful circle?
the cycle that keeps me alone
that pushes others away and holds
beauty’s distortion

ugliness has come knocking at my door
how will I invite him in?
gently, kindly. can I do it?
“take a look at me” he says.
“I am yours.”
I see mere shadow
growing in twilight,
dancing in moonglow,
going on his way
I open my eyes to see that
he is simply beauty distorted
the door is wide and
we are released


Tess said...

Your art and your writing become better and better, my dear!
This is very moving and very beautiful.

lucy said...

thank you, tess!


Ta dah - I announce this post a definite winner!!! The collage and the poety are lovely.



Oh, and I went over to the Abbey and downloaded "Radical Hospitality" for bedtime reading - a beautiful read - thanks for the recommendation!