Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Poetry Party

Today's post is inspired by this lovely photograph and poetry prompt found at Abbey of the Arts. I hope you, too, will choose to join the party here.

I refuse to choose and
so the doors that lie before me
remain forever unopened

some sit ajar…just a bit
a crack to let light in
brightening the shadows of “what if”…just a bit
immobile, however,
the hinges grow stiff in their waiting

possibility remains trapped,
paralyzed behind the door
I refuse to let swing wide
saying to myself,
“what if it’s the wrong door?”

Where do you find yourself refusing to choose--either by keeping too many doors open or refusing to let new ones filled with possibility swing wide?

photo by Christine Paintner


Tess said...

Just saw your poem at Christine's. Excellent!


Poem is terrific!

Your question/my answer - At the moment, I find myself doing less refusing to choose, pushing through the door of fear, not into a darkroom - see my 7/1 post, but into a very bright one....thanks for asking.


cuileann said...

Personally, both.

I really like that part about the crack of light and the shadows of "what if."

Abbey of the Arts said...

lucy, I love your poem! :-) My issue right now, as you well know, is definitely keeping too many doors wide open. But this week has brought me much progress on that!

lucy said...

thank you all for the accolades.

i go back and forth between thinking too many doors are open and wondering if i still am not opening the "right" door. C's inspiration & recommended reading were very thought provoking.