Thursday, July 31, 2008

When did God start to speak so clearly?

When did I start to listen?

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H.M. said...

Why did "God" become eerily silent right about the time I think I really started listening...?

lucy said...

h.m.--i imagine you and i could have quite a lengthy discussion on this one...the possibilities are limitless. for example, how would you define "silent"? :-) what does it mean to listen?

i converse with myself quite often along these lines...don't know if you caught the switch of taglines at "diamonds"...i have retired o'connor's "i write to discover what i know." (although on many levels it is still a perfect fit.) check out the new one.



Lucy, the "when did I start to listen?" with equally good counter question from HM - would love to counter with something appropriate to both questions but I don't have a thousand words available right now:)
BUT, I do find the tagline switch of remember that I commented on that change - although it may have been in an email rather than a blog comment - BUT my thought here isn't it eerie that when we change just a little something in our lives that it can be a huge change for us in our course direction. Yet, others about us may never really be able to put their finger on what it was that changed us, or indeed may never notice that we've changed anything.


Endlessly restless said...

Hi Lucy

I think the answers to your questions are:

1) always (even if it does sound trite!)
2) yesterday, today, 5 minutes ago... did you say something?? ;-)