Monday, August 25, 2008

the music plays on

risking delight while the music plays on
harmonious chords break free from unexpected places
joy bursts loose from sorrow
heartstrings plucked out of hollow scores
a tune like we have never heard before
the music plays on

delight risked, all for a new song
sorrow melted away by fresh notes
harsh gongs left behind, if only for a moment,
emptiness disappears
delight takes its place &
the music plays on…
…this time with a slightly new beat

image and poetry party found at abbey of the arts. join the fun here.


Abbey of the Arts said...

lucy, delightful poetry as usual. I loved the way you used Gilbert's image of "risking delight" as a theme here and the line "heartstrings plucked out of hollow scores" really moves me.

Tess said...

I like the reinvention and potential of the very last line.