Sunday, August 3, 2008

Watching the moments of time slip through my fingers.
Am I waiting or am I wasting?
How will I know the difference?

teardrops ~ tiny reflections of joy and sorrow; wisdom, knowledge and confusion; capturing moments in time


Tess said...

You'll know. Something will happen to tell you.

lucy said...

tess, it was funny to receive your comment this morning because i set up the post about a week ago. also, i need to clarify that these 'teardrops' are moments in time i have recorded over time and are not necessarily where i am at currently. although when i refreshed my memory this morning, i found that this post was a great reminder to me :-)

thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful remarks!


differenceayearmakes said...

This is a great question. Ahhh,to watch time and not worry whether it is one or the other - because they both travel the same road and come out at the same place - just the method of travel is different. And actually does it matter which?

lucy said...

"difference"...a great question from you too. "just the method of travel is different"...i guess it only matters if we let it.