Sunday, November 16, 2008

you decide

"In making art you declare what is important." from Art and Fear

photo taken @ Safeway


Anonymous said...

I love Habanero peppers. :)

A from Minnesota

Tess said...

Yes, I remember A's pepper addiction :-)
This is a great quote you found, I have to teach myself to believe it!

lucy said...

thanks for the pepper primer...i just thought they were pretty :-)

good to see both of you here, tess & A


The quote from "Art and Fear" is a good one. I've just finished reading that little missile for the FIRST time. I believe the little book is one that will be reread many times:)

Love the in the produce aisle who woulda thunk it?


lucy said...

SS--yes, that book is filled with little gems!! i, too, expect i will revisit it.

i was tickled that i had my camera in the grocery store...those peppers were so perky on a gray dreary day!