Saturday, December 13, 2008

december views - snow & candy cane lane



My favorite shot here is of the house with the PACE sign in front - seems an appropriate prophetic word for the hustle of holidays:)


lucy said...

SS--good catch on the sign. i think it actually means "peace" in another language (you will notice another little sign by the other house), but nevertheless very appropriate for the BUSYNESS that most like to ascribe to the holidays!

i was kicking myself last night because my camera batteries were dead, but my little phone helped capture some moments :-) hugs xox

Tess said...

Pace - pronounced 'parchay' - does indeed mean peace. In Latin. This sort of useless information is one of the benefits of a Catholic childhood lived before all the services were in the local language!
I love these decorations. They are so over-the-top and fun. Good for my holiday spirit!
And I'm amused that the word verification I'm now being asked to type to publish this comment is 'humstr'. Do you think it's a kind of dwarf hamster??

lucy said...

tess--thanks for the latin lesson :-)

these decorations are on a little cul de sac called "candy cane lane" not too far from my house. i believe it is a requirement to go "over-the-top" in order to live there!

i kind of think a "humstr" is someone who can't get christmas caroles out of their head...but it could be a dwarf hamster... xoxo

storyteller said...

Definitely Christmasy post ;--)
Hugs and blessings,