Monday, December 22, 2008

solstice lights

anybody out there?????


His Girl Friday said...

neat photos!

Barbara said...

I feel the excitement that a snow creates in your part of the world. It is refreshing to share that with you.
Around here (Montreal) a number of folks keep a simple set of lights up all winter, as I hear they do in Scandinavia, to companion us in the long, dark winter. There is a special beauty about lights reflecting off snow.

lucy said...

we get lots of lights around here with or without snow. they are just much more fun in the snow. also,lots of people leave up their little white lights for a long time. they are really quite wonderful since our days are quite short and often gray here. i have some lights i keep on a fig tree inside my house. they burned out last year, so i think maybe i will go replace them at the after-christmas sale :-)