Tuesday, March 25, 2008

family resemblance?

can anyone else see why i might have been drawn to this bust at the musee d'orsay? i would love to know what you see.


Mattias Klang said...


You have got a nice blog. There is a problem though. I couldn't find any way to search your archive. It's annoying to manually go through several months. Please add a search box to the layout of your blog. Here is a link to a ordinary search box that you can add to your Blogger layout.

How To Add Search Box

lucy said...

m.k.--are you for real or just a solicitor? blogger has a search box at the top of the screen.

thanks for the compliment, but i could not find a connection to your home page. hmmmmm.

Mattias Klang said...

I'm for real! :) Well, that's right, Blogger actually has got a search box at the top of the page. But I think it's better to put a search box on the layout. The search box that I suggested will work if you try to search the entire web also, not only the blog itself. I find it very useful! Have a nice day!

storyteller said...

At last … a bit of ‘catch up’ time to enjoy your posts … all 23 of them. Sheesh … you were prolific in your travels (and upon your return). That’s wonderful!

I loved the images of women from the muse d’orsay and the fabulous photos from Paris … from the simplicity of ‘breakfast’ to the images we all recognize as landmarks (though I’d never seen the Eiffel Tower on it’s side). Did you climb those 400 steps? Sunset was spectacular … the window shopping fun … but the dog pix wonderful surprises and the airplane shot over Greenland stunning!

Your Sunday ‘Rumi’ meditation … the wildflowers in the foreground of the ‘righted’ Eiffle Towel … the ‘Unknown’ poetry party piece and the Coelho courage quote with the lion statue … ‘matin’ photo image & O’Donohue poem … and your reminisces upon returning home … your Easter thoughts and ‘visual journaling’ … all fabulous!!!

I'm glad I didn't 'rush' through them. Waiting until I had a block of time worked for me. I’ll try to do a better job of remaining ‘current’ …(once I catch up at Diamonds too).
Hugs and blessings,

lucy said...

thanks for that stroll down memory lane for me :-) it's fun to see the journey through another's eyes.

you will have some time to catch up with me as i will be "going silent" for about ten days very soon.


Well - maybe.....