Sunday, March 23, 2008

tell me what you see...

...what you feel.


His Girl Friday said...

My first impression was the journey that we must take from death to life, life being the Son/sun. Though the path is full of twists and turns if we keep our eyes on the sun (have faith), we will find our way. The little girl is overwhelmed, afraid, humbled by such a challenge (life), but she is not alone. It makes me want to go and put my arm around her shoulder and tell her so. The screen/chalkboard? to the lower left, I'm not sure.

azure said...

very sombre indeed. The skulls can only be dire warnings. The paths that go by those skulls, they go nowhere good, they're desolate and winding, they lead nowhere. Even the sunrise in the distant background is not reassuring. It does not necessarily mean (I can't believe I'm going to use this word) redemption. Does the child have to go there, is it her destiny? Can she turn away? Does she feel she has a choice? Us something or someone compelling her? And why is she portrayed in the white dress? Does it make her more attractive? Higher class? More worthy?

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I've never left a comment on this site because I haven't had the ability to interprete art intellectually but this one spoke to me. The little girl is Love, pure white, humble, gentle. She is facing fear, doesn't feel the need to fight it, acknowledges it but stands centering in herself. There is an opening, a opening to a green fertile path or tunnel to the winding journey called life. The path is narrow, winding. It travels along tundra and sometimes waste lands. It is winding and sometimes it's hard to see around the curves in the road to see what lies ahead. But Love has faith and because she has faith she has sure knowledge of her destination, that she will arrive at the Son with his/her light, that Light always overcomes darkness. I love this picture. Love, Pamela


"yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me"


lucy said...

it is always so fun and interesting to see what different images evoke for different people...hope, despair, light and darkness...this one has been no exception.

HGF--not sure to what you are referring as "chalkboard", but there is a cave/tomb opening near the lower left as well as part of a door...what do you think now?

pamela--i don't really believe art is meant to be interpreted "intellectually" but more from the heart...this is something i am learning after most of my life believing that i "knew" nothing about heart seems to tell me differently as i grow stronger in articulating what different pieces evoke in me.

so glad you commented here!!

thank you all!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucy,
I thought that was a cave, so then the 'chalkboard' would be the door...couldn't see it clearly...auld eyes, ye know! ;)

I would say, then, that in life there are several avenues to take, choices to make, etc. All have combinations of unknown possibilities, risk, elements of fear, danger; and in no way are any of the choices ever completely comfortable to make or undertake. Perhaps, the child represents the innocence that we all had, till the reality and the shock of 'life' set in, and we grew up.

I think we need to keep/nurture that childlike essence of life, and not let ourselves be overwhelmed by what 'life' can dish out, or perhaps that's what can help us thru those tough miles/times.

okay, that was written at the spur of the moment, as the thoughts came... :))