Wednesday, March 19, 2008

new life begins

As soon as one sees with one's own eyes the whole which one had hitherto only known in fragments and chaotically, a new life begins.

--Goethe, "Italian Journey", November 1, 1786

statue of Polyhymnia from Seattle Art Museum--Roman Art from the Louvre Exhibit



How did ANYONE even begin to think about carving this complicated, exquisite statue - a positive why not?...must have echoed more loudly than the negative thoughts! Beautiful.

lucy said...

i thought it was quite kind of the louvre to send their roman exhibit to seattle since i wasn't able to spend much time there.
maybe venus de milo decided i am not such a bad bird :-)

His Girl Friday said...

How long is the exhibit there? Seattle is on the list to visit soon.
The Getty in LA has some beautiful Statues, as well. It's incredible the 'ancients' could carve such realistic detail! the quote; quite appropriate for me at the moment! :)
(and glad to have you back, safe and sound!) :)

lucy said...

HGF--the exhibit ends around may 11...Seattle Art Museum has a great little coffee shop. see you there? my treat :-)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucy,
It looks we'll miss it, then :(
We're tentatively planning for the first or second week of June, for a few days, not sure where we'll be staying yet; taxi cab close from the airport. ;) (as we're not planning to rent a car) Would love to meet/meet up for some coffee! :)
I'll keep you posted!

lucy said...

HGF--the impressionism exhibit begins june 19...degas, renoir, monet and others.

seattle has a pretty decent metro system and i definitely recommend staying closer to downtown rather than the airport area! let me know if i can help :)