Sunday, February 3, 2008

be open

be open.

Above all,
watch with
eyes the whole world
around you,
because the greatest
secrets are always
hidden in the most unlikely
places. Those who don't
believe in magic
will never find it.

--Roald Dahl


elaine said...

A lovely complement to your post on Diamonds today.

You should think about posting this on Shutter Sisters. The theme today is framing photos naturally. This is exquisite

lucy said...

thank you so much elaine. shutter sisters is new to me, and i appreciate the recommendation. it feels like a bit to much energy to try and figure out a post today, but i truly am grateful for your encouragement!!!

The Dream said...

Whoa - this photo so reminds me of Stagate SG-1! Have you ever seen that show? I am not much for television, but I really like this sci-fi one.

I believe!!!

lucy said...

sorry no sci-fi t.v. for me :( interesting connection though!


Your beautiful moongate photo reminds me of such gates in Macau, island colony of Hong Kong. I believe the gates were meant as centering tools to focus oneself prior to entering a sacred place.

At least, I think that was the purpose of the shapes. Riley Fact or Fiction may be getting to me - I might have just made that up!:)

lucy said...

SS--fact or fiction, i like the sound of it :-)