Friday, February 1, 2008

collage class

thursday was the second week of my collage class. there are about 8 of us in the group and i think we span a pretty large range of artistic talent and ability. having not been in an art class since about 4th grade, it is a new experience for me. i have decided the best approach is to consider it as "play" and a time for acquiring new knowledge regarding techniques and materials.

the first week we were instructed to "not use color," in other words to work in black and white. i was glad to not bring my piece home last week and hoped it would morph into something extraordinary in my absence. unfortunately, it did not. this week our mission was to work "quickly" and create five small pieces. i chose to not bring any of my own supplies so that i would work with what i was drawn to in the class rather than relying on previous notions.

the photograph shows all six pieces (the black & white plus 5) which i consider to still be in process. the only one i may leave as is is the little roller coaster which was a piece that totally "created itself." the others, i think, may be used as a base for something else...evolving as we go. next week, we get to start using paints so things could get even messier ☺.

i truly have been following my own credo "create as though no one is watching," but here i am showing you the results of my playtime. allow it to motivate you if you will. i figure we all have to start somewhere. i'll keep you posted.

so, tell me, what's percolating in your creative day?


storyteller said...

I see it's been a full week since my last visit and I'm so blown away by the burst of creativity illustrated in these last 7 posts ... it's so obvious that you've unleashed an awesome and wonderful flow!!! I wish I had just a hint of the talent and expressiveness you've shared with us and I'm tempted to check into local classes for myself ... to see what might pour out of me in different media. Just writing that made my head hurt so I'll put that on the back burner for now ... at least until I recover from the "bug" that ails me currently.

I'm so happy you're going to Paris and am impressed with your courage ... a bit jealous of the adventure ahead for you ... excited to watch what develops next. You are a flower blossoming before our eyes!
Hugs and blessings,

The Dream said...

I took an art class once with a super tough professor, who would collect all of the drawings we worked on at the end of class, then would have them hanging up when we returned for the next class. The first time it happened I thought, "Cool. He loves my work." Actually, he would show the ones that DIDN'T work and would launch into lengthy explanations of why - aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! I, like you, hoped MANY times that my drawings had morphed into something else. Ah, if only I could have been Samantha Stevens, twiched my nose, and had THAT come true!

Glad to read that you are enjoying the class and learning lots, oh creative wonder!

The Dream said...

Oh yeah, I have another abstract painting percolating, which I hope to begin on Monday. It's definitely not time yet.

lucy said...

storyteller--thanks for the wonderful check in. i always feel "hugged" after reading your comments :-)

dream--something has definitely 'morphed' for you as i look at your current work!! maybe there's hope for me :-)