Sunday, February 17, 2008

how do you see compassion?

"live to the point of tears." -- camus


Tess said...

This is beautiful. The little feet resting on larger feet says so much.
Although I normally see compassion in richer colours, I can see it here.
"Live to the point of tears". I read that as a challenge.

Endlessly restless said...

Like Tess I've always thought about compassion in brighter colours - especially red. But the black and white works.

The image that keeps coming to me as I look at your amazing collage is the feet - but pierced by a nail.

And maybe the answer to your question/title should be 'in a blur - through a veil of tears; for the generostiy of others and for my own failings'

lucy said...

tess & ER--lovely responses. it was kind of odd when i put this together that i kept being drawn to black & white. wouldn't it be nice if compassion could be that clear? i also kept thinking of hands & feet plus there is something womb/tomblike about the center image.