Friday, February 8, 2008

friday fancy

this week's theme (loosely speaking, of course) seemed to run along the lines of "creating space" and "creating health." much time this week was spent in conversation with students, friends, family and myself [which usually includes God.] these conversations all entail what i call creating space.

as far as "creating health" goes, it turns out that my lenten practice this year centers around spaciousness for myself and listening to what that looks like in regard to eating better, moving my body (some would call that exercise) and getting good rest. this really sounds to me again like "creating space," thus the theme of the week.

as far as tangible products of the week there were: collages, visual journaling, morning pages, a little poetry and some delicious salads created by moi. the somewhat less tangible, included new music from jack johnson, sleep through the static and beth neilsen chapman's hymns--both conducive to space making. the other audio treat of the week was my continued foray into drive time french.

my visual theme for the week was centered around vessels. the first collage shown here is a continuing work in progress from my class and the second is a page from my visual journal.

i am certain i have left a few things out, but this sounds like a pretty spacious and creative week to me, so i will end with that!

au revoir et merci beaucoup!!



Miss Lucy! You've outdone yourself with the 3 collage pieces (I'm counting the one on Diamonds as well). These are super. I think the colors are most inviting to me as well as the overall composition.

The french phrases add a very nice touch!


Sue said...

I love that page from your visual journal. Wow! It really screamed at me :)

lucy said...

thanks for the commentary, ladies!!

sue, what was it screaming???

Sue said...

Lucy, I don't know what the word is. Rebirth, maybe?

Leah said...

i love your theme of spaciousness along with the visual theme of vessels. the page from your art journal looks fabulous!