Friday, February 15, 2008

friday fancy

I go back and forth between seeing my friday post as a list or a musing. Again, this week certain themes continued for me: spaciousness, health, vessels and, of course, Paris. Those themes manifested themselves in soul collage, visual journaling, photography and lots of morning pages.

This week's creativity included:
  1. Yoga and NIA (non-impact aerobics...way fun!!)
  2. Healthy eating and strong walks.
  3. Soul collage workshop with a theme of compassion & love.
  4. Gathering supplies for Paris (maps, a bag, money belt, etc.)
  5. A trip to the art store for some new paints (still unchristened.)
  6. A valentine for my sweetheart
  7. Sad to say, NO collage class this week. It was cancelled. Boo hoo.
  8. 21 morning pages.
  9. Photographs and "mental" snapshots.
  10. Research for couples workshop.
  11. Spaciousness!


Abbey of the Arts said...

great list lucy, very inspiring! I have wanted to try NIA but haven't yet, may have to explore it now. :-)


Lucy, I agree - great list. You're getting in a lot of great variety, positive variety into your weeks.

I brought my stability ball with me and have been getting in the situps and the pushups regularly - it's a good thing because I seem to be getting in plenty of Maui Mai-tais and Lilikoi Cheesecake as well - yum:)

Also, losing track of days, this a.m. I thought, oh silly Lucy, she's posting fancy friday on Thursday...oh when will my J learn to measure its thoughts!!!

storyteller said...

Another most impressive list of accomplishments this week. I'm thrilled for you and inspired by your exuberantly creative example here ... especially as I struggle with my "blogging" self these days. For me, less has become more as I sort through my "stuph" in search of clarity, focus, direction and the like.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Rest assured that I'll be considering the question you pose this morning in "the artist's dream" ... while carrying with me the image from a couple of weeks ago with the Roald Dahl quote that "resonates" with me greatly as I do my best to remain "open" ...
Hugs and blessings,

lucy said...

christine--NIA reminded me a lot of being in one of betsey's sessions. i loved it!

SS--balance and variety sound like good words for us. hope your days continue to last and linger in maui! aloha!!

storyteller--"less has become more" sounds so powerful for you! it reminded me of the pace i sensed in your warning as i started a second blog. as i mentioned to SS, "balance" seems to be so key for me right now. i post daily here, but sometimes not for a few at "diamonds". it allows me the time to let things sink in a bit both for myself and my readers.

wishing you the best to remain "open."

cheers to all!