Saturday, February 16, 2008

the artist's dream

This is the artist's dream: To receive the inspiration to create, To share that creation with others, And to be totally supported in the process.

--author unknown

So, all you artists out this your dream? If not, what is your dream? Thoughts?

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Your friend A said...

Connection, communication, clarity. To understand and to be understood.

Endlessly restless said...

I don't consider myself to be an artist (and aye, I know that I'll get another stern talking to about that!), but I would go along with the sentiment behind the quotation. The only thing I'd add to my dream is something about having the confidence to share.

Sue said...

Well, my response to that quote was to spiritually dribble.

So yes, I think it is a dream :)

lucy said...

lots of "c's" in these responses:

connection, communication, clarity & confidence. i would probably throw courage in there too!


The big "C" in this string would be courage! I agree, support, sharing, supported - those "S" words are words that also account for a lot in creativity.


Lins Honeyman said...

Pretty much sums it up for me. Only thing I would add it to know the Creator (with a capital C) in the process.

Great photo (again.)

The Dream said...

You bet! This is wild - I received this very quote in an email from a friend on Friday. Coooooooool!
Come on over and see what I just wrote about - and please weigh in.

lucy said...

LH--yes, that Creator with a capital "C" for sure.

Dream--cooollll, is right!!!