Wednesday, January 16, 2008

art makes life better

when i opened my 'regular' journal this morning, i saw that the last words i wrote yesterday were "art makes life better." wouldn't you agree? i have been having lots of fun playing in my visual journal, experimenting with paint and new techniques while expressing my usually written words in a new format.

i started with the wonderful book "visual chronicles...the no-fear guide to creating art journals, creative manifestos and altered books" by linda woods and karen dinino. in their very first chapter, they practically scream, YOU are ART!! they also reinforce that there are no mistakes and our lives are the real inspiration of art. i am having a blast with it!!!

the pages shown here are from a dream i had the other night. i awoke and began to journal what had transpired and then decided to put a couple of scenes into living color in my 'visual' journal to help me remember in a new way. way fun!!!

i hope to make this a part of my creative adventure for the year...both in exploration and documentation. according to woods & dinino: "every day is an artful journey." i totally agree, don't you?


Sue said...

So when shall I expect you, Lucy? :)

These are great. Love the colours - beeyootiful.

You encourage and inspire me.

lucy said...

sue--you are one speedy girl! i think i mentioned before that australia has been on my very short list of travel destinations for quite some time. it's becoming more appealing all of the time :-)

thanks for the kudos...they inspire me to keep sharing!!!


Love the visual journal - I read about this idea on Christine Kane's blog just this week. I have a nice journal - still in its cellophone - I came across it the other day when I was purging my ofice. Think I'll have to tear off the wrapper:)

lucy said...

SS--i wanted to let you know that my visual journal is actually a "recycled" address book that someone gifted me, while not realizing i am a digital kind of girl :-)'s kind of fun turning 'not blank' pages into something new and different and i don't feel guilty for not using the address book.

just a thought...maybe the new journal would work well for some of that poetry that keeps popping up for you :-)


Tess said...

Lovely. My visual journal is so far two sheets of loose collage, but I'm gonna find something to stick 'em in soon!


Great idea on the address book recycle....hopefully, most everybody I know now considers me a digit head - that description of me is sooo funny to me but my fingers do love this walkin'


The Dream said...

Completely agree!