Friday, January 18, 2008

friday fancy

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues. --Duke Ellington

This week's creative highlights ☺...

• Explored my new visual journaling book (Visual Chronicles) and had a wonderful trip to the art supply store (a very dangerous place indeed, but oh so fun!!!)
• Did more soul collaging. This week exploring a bit more ‘shadow’ work.
• Sunday, I got creative in the kitchen and made a spaghetti sauce reminiscent of my mother’s from childhood.
• Took pictures around the neighborhood on a glorious clear day.
• Tried out the Enchilada Casserole from The Crockpot Lady. (The family like it and following her tips is a great way to gain more time for other creative projects!)
• Used my professional training a bit and prepared a talk on depression for a group of young mothers.
• Combined soul collage work with visual journaling. Very fun (& therapeutic!)
• Self-care day: trip to chiropractor, led small group, went to a movie by myself (very indulgent) and shopping with my daughter (helping create her ensemble for “Winter Ball”, her first high school dance ☺)
“Day of the Stars”
• Brunch with my fabulously creative friend, Christine.
• New musical choices: “Say” by John Mayer; “We are all made of stars” by Moby; “Extraordinary” by Liz Phair
• 30 morning pages. (These have kept me rocking for nearly 4 years!!!)
• Lots of time cleaning and creating new spaces in the house while my internet was down ☺.

And last, but certainly not least, sharing lots of wonderful conversations with other bloggers and seeing the amazingly creative things you have to say and do!!!


Sue said...

Dontcha just love that Duke Ellington quote :) I read it in my Artist's Way book the other day.

Good week. What is it about casserole cooking that is so soul nourishing? It's the one thing about winter I like :) Must get myself a crockpot - then youre able to smell the food all the live long day.

Going to the movies by yourself is one of life's ultimate indulgences :)

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Very cool blue on blue photo

lucy said...

sue--how was in my AW book, too :-)
i started going to the movies by myself when my son was an infant, because i didn't know anyone in town, we had no babysitter and 24x7 was just a little too much motherhood for me :-) i found that i really loved it and have continued the tradition for almost 19 years now. some of my friends think i'm loopy because of that...oh wait...maybe it's not just that. hmmmm... anyway, i saw "the bucket list". i laughed and cried and had a really great time.

bonnie--thanks for stopping by!

Abbey of the Arts said...

GREAT photo lucy. And I love that I made your list. :-)

H.M. said...

Love the Duke Ellington quotation. Create on, Lucy!

Tess said...

What a beautifully creative week you had Lucy! And I know it's been said but I, too, love the Duke Ellington quote. The guy is seriously cool.

lucy said...

i love this...three of my "faves" all in a row...a space apart :-)