Tuesday, January 8, 2008

de vuelo (in flight)

Here is my submission to Abbey of the Arts' Poetry Party. For some reason, when I saw this photo, I could only think of it in Spanish. This is quite curious, because I don't speak the language and the photo really looks nothing like Mexico. Go figure? So, my creativity for the day was to write this poem in Spanish. I was unable to figure out the appropriate accents and I am pretty sure the translation is not correct, but, hey...I tried something different and had fun doing it. If any of my readers are proficient in the language, I would love to know how close I got ☺. Buenos dias!

como se destino?
a cercano?
a lejano?
hacia dios?
quien sabe?

where are you going?
far away?
toward god?
who can tell?

photo from Abbey of the Arts. Go join the party here!




Tess said...

I can't tell you whether the Spanish is right, but it feels right on the tongue. What an interesting experience you had with this poem.

lucy said...

sunrise sis--i thought you were the spanish expert? can you tell if i got close?

tess--yes, "she is most interesting to me." it felt right to me too. i actually hated to put the translation in, because the other felt like what the poem needed to be. curious!

The Dream said...

Interesting ... I was just listening to spanish music while painting ... Diego Torres. I picked up his CD while in Spain several years ago.

Your poem is wonderful - the questioning is part of our experience. Just when I think I have something figured out, invariably something comes up to make me wonder - to seek answers.

Abbey of the Arts said...

I love that you followed your intuition on this lucy and I always appreciate a poem made up entirely of questions.

lucy said...

dream--interesting indeed. i checked out itunes for diego torres. haven't downloaded yet, but he has a great song called color esperanza (color of hope, i think). great title. i'm keeping my spanish dictionary close by...maybe i'll finally learn a second language...or not.

& "aota"--certainly the questions outweigh the answers!!!


Not exactly the expert - but I was suitably impressed - I don't think I've succumbed to the word "awesome" ever - I thought the poem in Spanish was right on the money!:)