Saturday, January 12, 2008

friday fancy...on saturday

Week two of the new year has come and gone. I had a gloriously indulgent time of meditation and creativity this week. I am doing a pretty good job of relishing each moment before my schedule kicks back into a higher gear with commitments (i.e. more regular employment ☺.)

Here’s a recap of a bit of what transpired this week:

  1. 29 morning pages
  2. a self-care day for the "artist" (massage, afternoon date with hubby and an evening alone watching 3 episodes of Six Feet Under)
  3. created “space” by painting new room & sorting through old craft supplies
  4. attended the fabulous soul collage class on Saturday and a mini-workshop on Thursday evening
  5. purchased two new art books: Soul Collage by Seena B. Frost and Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino
  6. took my first cafĂ© writing challenge and unintentionally explored my ‘romantic’ side through collage, poetry and scene writing
  7. had fun playing with haiku as I worked with a soul collage card
  8. discovered a new musical artist, Sia. my favorite tune so far is "Day Too Soon."
Ah yes, it was a great creative week ☺. How was yours?

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Sue said...

Well, baby, thank God for women like you posting about their weeks. It will give encouragement that I again will experience such weeks :)

My wheels have fallen off a bit. So much going on in my personal life. I have a touch of a cold and my period is coming. Still doing my morning pages, but having trouble getting those artist dates in.

So thank you for the rundown - your week sounds fabulous :)

azure said...

Creativity is very important to me right in creating something. Some technological improvements. I bought a small tape recorder at Rite Aid and I think Dennis will install our (now inert) scanner on my computer.

I'm thinking of developing a section on my blog called "my neighborhood" looking at my own neighborhood as a microcosm and a community. It's not as cohesive as it once was. I want some practice interviewing and writing profiles.

As always, my theme is the fascinating world we inhabit.

Now, if I can keep my job unobtrusive. Most of my teenagers who have been living here are now away.

Tess said...

Yay Lucy! This feels like such a great space for you.

lucy said...

oh, sue--i know i will have those weeks myself when "the wheels come off the wagon" and hopefully i will look back here and remember that has not always been the way it is. check out sunday's quote...this one's for you, baby!!

azure--sounds like lots of great creative juices flowing for you. i love the idea of looking at your neighborhood as community!

tess--i am not sure whether to hug you or strangle you since i am now obsessed with "visual chronicles" thanks to your recommendation :-)

i look forward to seeing some of you creative results, because i know they are there!!!

xoxoxox to all!


Yipppeeeee - I love the quote and the week sounds fantabulous - oh, yeah, ow I'm making up my own vocabulary!! Seriously, congrats on a great week.

My achievement for the day was 5 minutes ago inserting an html where it should have been to get my reference to show up in blue!

Week #3 I think is going to be a great blog week for me - inspiration from you, without a doubt.....

xoxoxo SS

Leah said...

wowzers, what an amazing's just blazing with creativity!! awesome!

lucy said...

hey, leah. thanks for stopping by and especially for your initial idea & motivation of "creative every day"!