Tuesday, January 22, 2008

tell me what you see...


Tess said...

The first: grace, individuality, opposition.
The second: three women who are sides of the same, none of whom will recognise that they cause despair. They have turned their faces from knowledge.

Endlessly restless said...


The first image - I'm free to be me and I'm confident to be me.

The second - not so sure.

Actually I wanted to thank you for your blog. As well as appreciating it, I've been challenged/ inspired by it to adopt more creativity in my life. You can see one feeble effort over at my blog today. The end product may not be much, but it felt good thinking it through and doing it.

Thanks again.

Sue said...

The first one reminds me of this Rumi piece I read yesterday:

"Dancing is not getting up painlessly like a speck of dust blown around in the wind.

Dancing is when you rise above both worlds, tearing your heart to pieces, and giving up your soul.

Dance where you can break yourself to pieces and totally abandon your worldly passions.

Real men dance and whirl on the battlefield; they dance in their own blood.

When they give themselves up, they clap their hands;

When they leave behind the imperfections of the self, they dance.

Their minstrels play music from within; and whole oceans of passion foam on the crest of the waves."

The second one? What do I see? Umm ... Frustration. Feeling boxed in.

lucy said...

tess--i am curious about "opposition" in the first one and what that means to you.

your description of the second one is really quite powerful!

endlessly restless--again, thank you so much for 'speaking up'. while i do not care for your term "feeble work" (i believe tess addresses this at your site :-) i love your words about the process (thinking through and doing it)...i believe art is much like life, it is in the journey/process rather than the end result :-)

happy creating. i hope you will come back again and again!!

(also...i can kind of understand a man maybe not connecting with the 2nd collage unless they have a particularly pouty woman in their life :-)

and, my dear sue, last but certainly not least. that poem is FANTASTIC. it makes me want to post the two side by side which i just may do. thanks for sharing your brilliance once again!!!

cheers to all and happy creating!!!

Sue said...

I am loving this "psychoanalyse Lucy through her collages" thing. It's a doozie of a game :)

lucy said...

wait a minute, sue. i thought i was psychoanalyzing you in this one :-)

Sue said...

Huh? You messing with my mind, Lucy? :)


#1 - a gay guy who has just come from the closet and declared to the world he can dance in the curtains if he wants to (this is NOT a homophobic remark) I know too many gay guys that have felt just this way when the burden of what they considered secrecy was free at last.

#2 - these are bathroom faces to me - sorry, no explanation - that's what I see

Tess said...

To explain my comment about opposition - it's to do with my perception that the two main figures are in diametrically different colours, going in different directions and in competition (and there's a clue to psychoanalising me!) with each other for who is making the bigger splash. I think it's the red one. The red colour and texture is gorgeous, by the way, and now I've read Sue's contribution it resonates for me with "dancing and whirling in their own blood".

lucy said...

SS--you always bring a fresh perspective to things...

tess--thanks for the added explanation...it gives me much more insight into you...oops...i mean the collage!

Kel said...

1. Dancing through the pain

2. Pouting 'cos I didn't get my way

lucy said...

kel...i like your concise responses. you are the first one (i think) to relate to the "pouty girl" which is what i actually named that collage :-)