Thursday, January 17, 2008

magic stars

consider for a moment how "inspiration has rippled out to people and places that just needed that little spark to begin expressing themselves." these words come from leah @ creative every day. i read them just as i was preparing to write this post about three pieces of creativity--each one connected to the next in a serendipitous and circular way. the first piece was inspired by sue who wrote: ..."not only are we made of dust. We are also made of stars." i was so taken with those words that after pondering them for a few days, i designed and photographed "dust and stars" (on the right.)

which leads to the next photo and wonderful surprise that arrived today on my door step. sister kathryn at hearth talks saw the post and promptly responded with "i am sending you a surprise." [now, please understand that i only know sr. kathryn through this crazy blogosphere,] but she listened to her heart and sent me these "magic stars" (her own creation) arriving at just the perfect moment. a little later while catching up on some blog reading, i was back at sue's place reading her post "some good things." you can go read for yourself, but she was marveling over hearing a song in the grocery store called 'we are made of stars' by moby. i about fell out of my chair, but not before proceeding over to itunes to download the new song ☺. i was so delighted with all of this synchronicity that i had to create a new page in my visual journal here:

i call it "the day of the shining star." i want to remember this day and this beautiful stream of connectedness. it may seem small to some, but to me it is a wonderful reminder of how we never know when something we say, do, write or create may touch the heart of another in a very special way spreading out through the world like magic stars or as i like to call them 'diamonds in the sky.'

post script: one more piece of synchronicity...leah (who i referred to in the first paragraph) responded with a link to her piece of art created last year called "we are all made of stars." (i just 'met' leah in december of '07.) crazy, huh?


Leah said...

don't you just love synchronicity?? thanks for sharing all your magic stars!! you just reminded me of an art piece i did almost exactly a year ago that i called, "we are all made of stars." here's a post about it:

Sue said...

Awww, this is all wonderful. Yes, hooray for synchronicity!!!

Glad I got to play a part in your star day :) God is so good at weaving all our different little bits into narratives for us to tap into, isn't s/he? :D

Your collages have been inspiring me recently. Ms Cameron has requested I do another one this week, in The Artist's Way. I have run out of magazines. Got some from off my local Freecycle yahoo group. They are National Geographics. My collage is to reflect my life or interests. What I've been presented with means that this is gonna be some kind of totemic reprsentation of my life and interests.

And I will have your wonderful collages in mind when I do it :)

Hooray for the internet.

(Thanks for this post. I'm having a crap day. Have been fighting off a flu or a virus all week and it's caught up with me a bit today. Am sitting on the couch and colouring in and doing other nurturing things like reading your blog :)

lucy said...

leah--wonderful!!! thank you so much for sharing this link with me. i love everything about it...beginning with van gogh's quote and ending with yours :-) peace.

sue--so cool to boost your day a bit. it's funny about you doing collage with Ms. Cameron, because i think i must have avoided that part of the assignment when i went through the book. hmmm... odd how certain things resonate with us at different times! i hope you'll share some of your inspirational collage work...i love national geographics for collage but rarely get my hands on them.

you are definitely a part of my star day/week/life!

Abbey of the Arts said...

lucy, I love synchronicities too and the delight of your post. Great journal page. I love seeing what is bubbling forth in you. And thank you to a great start to this day, as always I relished your company this morning as we broke bread, um, I mean pancakes. :-)

Sue said...

Oh! Pancakes! Yum!

Tess said...

Oh this is all so great. It's like octopus tentacles (nice ones!) reaching out and scooping up stars from all directions.

The Dream said...

LOVE the sync!
LOVE your collage SO much!!!

Kathryn Knoll said...

I absolutely love the whole thing. Thanks for creating the opportunity to be in such a constellation! I am dancing with the stars! Blessings, Sr K.


How much fun is this?!!! I think it's probably a "girl" thing but so be it - great syncs!

Sue said...

Anyway, boys smell.

lucy said...

you ladies are so much fun. i can see all of your stars shining in the sky right now!!! as Sr. K says, we are all "dancing with the stars"> yippee!!!