Friday, January 11, 2008

new year haiku

she watches & waits
flight above & depths below
turning moving still

wisdom & courage
carefully slowly she waits
knee deep in this life

humility speaks
trust the instincts. do not ‘know’
waiting on the brink

stillness stealth quiet
thoughtful moving into year
focus on new sight


storyteller said...

Catching up today
lovely are the images ...
Collages of soul.

Isn't creative exploration exciting and does it not take us to unexpected places? What joy!
Hugs and blessings,

lucy said...

storyteller--you are becoming a haiku maniac!!! (i say that in the most loving sense :-)

and yes, this creative exploration is an amazing journey from moment to moment. joyful indeed!!!

The Dream said...

"humilty speaks"
"focus on new sight".
Curious - what is the meaning behind the blurred female figure?
Btw, I LOVE all the water!

lucy said...

dream--re: the blurred woman...when i am feeling good, she is coming more into focus...not so good, she is slipping away. i think she is a reminder of how tenuous things are, perhaps??? i am still seeing more and more meanings in this.

does that happen with your art pieces??