Friday, January 25, 2008

friday fancy

It’s Friday already? How does that happen so quickly? Well, it has been quite a week once again. This week contained some new fun experiences like my ‘timed writing’ for café writing as well as more play with soul collage and visual journaling and a poetic diddy for Christine's poetry party. It also included the hatching of my wonderful plan to travel to the City of Lights, gay Paris (see details here.) Along that vein, I have been creating travel plans, dreaming, and yesterday I picked up Drive Time French, so I will be “creating” a new language while I drive ☺.

Also, this week seemed to be a banner week for new friendships and deeper relationships—many coming through this blogging community for which I am so grateful! I was part of spreading the word of a wonderful photographer whose photographs capture the amazing beauty in ‘simple’ things. (Give yourself a treat and tour this beautiful gallery of images. I guarantee you will be inspired.)

Lastly, I began my “Introduction to Collage” class yesterday which is a whole story in itself. I felt like I had just been thrown into the deep end of the pool with the world-class swimmers and I was still attempting the dog paddle! I guess that means there is lots for me to learn. (Yippee! More growth ☺). My sweet husband asked if we would be seeing the 'fruits of my day' here this morning and I was gratefully able to say “no”. The piece stayed at class, so it will remain “unveiled” for now.

While I hyperventilated as I entered the new venue of “art class”, I took some deep breaths and began to consider it as an opportunity to stretch and play. (Sunrise Sister sheds great light on the topic of creative play at her post here.) After all, isn’t that what life (art) is all about? Playing. Reaching. Growing.

Happy Friday to You and Happy Creating!!!

(friday fancy is a weekly journal recap of my personal creative ventures.) photo by lucy



A very FULL exciting growing week of challenges and fulfillment for you. Congrats.

Really for me too, a wonderful week. The exchange of thoughts, dreams, and journeys is an especially mind-expanding, inspirational thrust for me. Thanks for making me a part of your myriad events. I'm lovin' it!

storyteller said...

How delightful to catch up with your week of creativity today. You seem full of joy and discovery in this creative burst of energy and exploration. You go girl!
Hugs and blessings,