Tuesday, January 29, 2008

blasted maze

endlessly climbing through a blasted maze
paint stripped from the façade of goodness
hanging on
chained. locked.
i want to scream and beat my chest
my head splits with pain

he hovers looking on
arrogant & cunning
still, i hang on and climb
reaching for the light
inching forward & upward



Very visual - both the collage and the verse. Hang on Lucy!!


The Dream said...

This is VERY cool - so real. When I have felt this way, I pray for strength in Faith. God always comes through on that - so far, so good. It's easy to have Faith, when it's easy to have Faith. Sometimes it's not easy - it's about trust and believing wholeheartedly that God had get my back!

lucy said...

thank you, SS & Dream...i like that combo...dreams in the sunrise...hmmm.maybe a poem comprised of my favorite bloggers...i'll have to think about that! peace :-)

Sunrise Sister said...

Lucy and Dream - "it's easy to have Faith, when it's easy to have Faith!!" That is so true and critical to remember when ministering to others that our faith at the time has to be enough to carry the load of their lack of faith at the moment.....I may have to write about this because I experienced such an instance in the workplace one day.


lucy said...

SS & Dream--the good news is that it's getting easier to have faith even when it's not so easy :-) remembering "impossible" situations of the past can make it easier to live into the now.

Tess said...

I saw this at the end of my lunchhour today and it struck me really forcibly. This is the first chance I've had to really look at it and comment.
Very, very powerful. Stripping the facade of goodness seems to me a very feminine image because goodness is probably more of an expectation for us than for men. (Although the expectations society places upon men are equally impossible to live down to.)
When I first saw this, I thought that you had placed the chains at the top as a kind of Medusa's head on the woman, but now I think maybe it's background to the whole piece. But whatever your intention, the Medusa entrapment (her entrapment, not that of her victims) struck me here.
And the sheer gumption of the climbing figure! Yes, keep reaching.

lucy said...

tess--i really love hearing what other people see in these pieces. i believe the chains add to the overall heaviness or weight of the image and i think your interpretation of medusa's entrapment is quite apt.

"sheer gumption"...i love it!!!