Saturday, January 5, 2008

soul collage workshop

Today I met with four women I just met and our instructor, Maggie, a woman I admire and respect. We sat as children tearing pages out of magazines and gluing images to cardboard. We laughed with delight as we found the perfect picture and we groaned with frustration as we tired and could not convince the photos to come together. We had embarked on a journey in community, if only for a few hours of time.

Our group included the amazing teacher who is battling her third diagnosis of cancer, the painter who yearns to be more bold and paint from her heart, the mom approaching 50 with questions of ‘what now?’, the recently empty-nested single mom who wonders how the void left by her child will be filled, the former environmental lawyer-turned artist & me, lucy, wondering what a year of creativity will look like.

We were united to do SoulCollage—a technique described by Seena B Frost in her book SoulCollage as “a process that honors the transformative power of imagination. As you sit leafing through magazines your soul will gravitate to powerful pictures with symbolic meaning for you. When you tear one out you may not know why you are choosing this image. This will be revealed as you create the card, as you show it to others, and as you consult and work with it over time. You will join this sacred soul-tending work with other work you may be doing : psychotherapy, art, writing, spiritual guidance, prayer and meditation, breathwork, religious study.”

Today I made three cards. I have an idea of what each of them represent and yet I know they have much more to say to me. The card I am sharing today spoke to me deeply and I shed tears as I attempted to articulate her wisdom. In brief, she speaks to me of life. I pray that I will honor her and listen to more of what she has to say over time.

I would love to know what she speaks to you and how you would respond to the statement: “If this were my card...”


azure said...

OK, I'm going to take the challenge though I'm not sure this is fair unless I had had the experience of making the collage card myself.

The little girl struck me immediately as too white and perfect. That little girl would be nothing like me

But I like the water motif, always powerful and the starfish that seem to be leading over the rocks to somewhere...where?


That little girl says to me - "look at me - I am happy, undaunted by anything or anyone, I am open to all the world can offer me. I'll be a star or an artist or a fireman or maybe I'll just be without question 'interesting' - Watch me, you'll see!" That's what that little girl says to me:) xoxoxox

Tess said...

I'll say first of all that your card seems to me to have connections with your other post today on morphing - the butterfly and all.

But if this were my card... Although the little girl is almost smiling, her gaze is serious, intense. She is inviting me to something. She stands at the edge of change: from the calmness of the flamingos behind the rainbow to the storminess in front of her. It is she who is whipping up the wind that makes the sea choppy. The starfish are in safe haven, but they are having to cling on. They are relishing the battle. The tree is anchored, but the wind stretches its branches to their utmost reach. Just a little further, keep stretching, keep reaching.

lucy said...

azure--long time, no see. welcome back! i really like the question of where are the starfish heading.

ss-"watch me you'll see." :-) (your 'reading' feels quite familiar to me...surprised?)

tess--i love what you have to say. you noticed things in a way i had not before considered. for example, i did not see the wind, but as you describe it, of course, it is there. much to ponder.

thank you all for taking a look and making the time to consider & comment.


The Dream said...

She swims like a mermaid, her spirit soars, she's wide open to new experiences, she appreciates the dance of life, she's grateful, she's free!!!

Sue said...

She says to me to embrace all that the world offers, including its pain. And the butterfly on her hand reminds me to hold gently and lovingly the fragile things in my own heart.

lucy said...

dream--your response reads like a poem. thank you!

sue--heartfelt and well said! peace.

Leah said...

what an amazing class! it sounds wonderful!

if this were my card i would think this little girl has a fun and mischief in her eye. she'd be telling me to embrace the joy and beauty that surrounds me, to laugh and play more and get back in touch with that sense of childlike wonder.

lucy said...

hi leah--it was a great class. and i can totally related to what you see in that little and childlike wonder, i love it!