Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fearing paris

For those of you who read my other blog, you probably know I have a potential trip to Paris on the horizon. It is quite an adventure for me and has stirred up lots of emotion: excitement mixed with a little fear mainly. Shortly, after I started pondering the trip, a dear friend sent me the poem shown below. I have periodically revisited it and knew that I wanted to do something creative with it.

Today, I was sorting through magazine clippings and came across this copy of Van Gogh's painting of the Saint-Remy asylum's garden. Somehow this painting seemed to be the perfect setting for the poem. So, I made a color copy, got out my metallic gel markers and started playing ☺. Obviously, the poem is a challenge to read on the painting unless you hold it just right in the light. Nevertheless, I know it is there and had fun making this symbolic piece.


Suppose that what you fear
could be trapped,
and held in Paris.
Then you would have
the courage to go
everywhere in the world.
All the directions of the compass
open to you,
except the degrees east or west
of true north
that lead to Paris.
Still, you wouldn’t dare
put your toes
smack dab on the city limit line.
You’re not really willing
to stand on a mountainside
miles away,
and watch the Paris lights
come up at night.
Just to be on the safe side,
you decide to stay completely
out of France.
But then danger
seems too close
even to those boundaries,
and you feel
the timid part of you
covering the whole globe again.
You need the kind of friend
who learns your secret and says
“See Paris first.”

--M. Truman Cooper


Abbey of the Arts said...

I love it lucy, the writing spiralling inward is a great effect for the message of the poem and the painting itself. (Glad the poem speaks to you, I couldn't believe when it arrived in my in-box as you were discerning this!)

Sunrise Sister said...

Lucy Creates - perfect post! The collage is lovely - the words so apropos. "See Paris First" is the line that jumps out to me.....I believe, your "toes on the city limit line" will spell - CREATIVITY - NO holding you back!

patricia said...

I went to Paris about 5 yrs. ago. I know that. My daughters showed me around and eventually I relaxed. That was my first trip out of the US. This June I and my grandaughter are going to Macho Picho and the Galapodas Islands. Face your fears and enjoy the excitement. I love this web site, I read in in the morning with my coffee. Pat

lucy said...

thx AA & SS!

Pat--i really appreciate you weighing in here :-) and i am very grateful for your words of encouragement. just curious, but how did you find me? :-) bon appetit y cafe au lait :-)

The Dream said...

Oh, our Vincent.
If you have never read, "Lust for Life" by Irving Stone, maybe you should do so on the way to Paris. One of the greatest books I have ever read - and that was even being well aware how the story would end.
Love how you used his work in your creative process - we learn so much about ourselves by becoming intimately connected with the work of others.

lucy said...

oh dear, another book for the list :-) thanks for the recommendation, DREAM!!!